Some references

referenserMartin brings the best of two worlds to his coaching – many years of successful entrepreneurship combined with vast wisdom and an understanding of human nature. A very strong recommendation!
Michael Neill, Supercoach Academy

Martin is an extraordinary person. He is honest and has the courage to always state the truth. To per definition be both a friend and a coach at the same time, to say things no one else would and where new thought paths naturally present themselves is unique. He has challenged me to take myself and my company to new levels, always with a laugh and twinkle in his eye. I recommend Martin to both companies and individuals.
Wyn Morgan, Wynning Coaching

Martin showed me my own tools, which empowers me for the rest of my life. I know I will be able to use them, regardless of how tough life sometimes get, and I will do so exceptionally well. I love life again. Thank you.
A.L. (Insurance company client)