The basics of the programme

A workshop that opens up an entirely new perspective. It gives the participants a new perspective on stress and how people or organisations manage stress. When we see and understand where stress comes from and how it is created, we change our attitude to stress. This automatically accesses our understanding for how we more easily can find our flow, or what we sometimes call ‘being in the zone’. The state where both results and performance peak.

What we do

Before the workshop all the participants complete a web-based stress survey. A few participants will be interviewed over the phone. The workshop is held at your place of work (3.5 hours). We will have conversations mixed with fun exercises. One month later the participants complete a web based follow-up survey where we measure the difference in stress and performance.

Results of the programme

Many (75%) of the participants feel afterwards that their stress is half what it was. • Increased level of efficiency and productivity in the participants in all areas.
• More good decisions and fewer mistakes. Many (75%) feel that their relationships with co-workers improve significantly. • The number of sick days drops; stress is today the greatest reason for high sick day figures.

Examples of clients

Management teams • Boards • Employee teams • Organisations