The basics of the programme

In addition to training at Supercoach Academy, I have acquired both experience and exercises from many of the world’s best coaches and instructors. These have formed the basis of the program which includes as many as 60 documented transformative exercises and conversation threads. Between 10 and 15 of these are used for each individual client programme.

What we do

We start with a free trial session. Then we decide how to proceed. Before the 12-session programme starts, we define a vision for what we want to achieve. Occasionally, a few of the sessions can be exchanged for one intensive half-day session. The programme can be held as a phone, video or Skype conference call.

Results of the programme

Clients feel that they can manage stress. • They navigate and function better in all their relationships. • They understand how to find their flow and reach their potential. • They feel a greater calm. • They have significantly increased their performance. • They have more energy. They feel in contact with their wisdom and themselves.

Examples of clients

Teachers • Corporate managers • People who are burned out • Sales reps • Athletes • Teenagers • Estate agents • Unemployed • Coaches