The basics of the programme

This is a more advanced programme tailored for between one and eight people. The basics of the programme includes up to 60 different transformative exercises and conversation threads. In concrete terms, between 10 and 15 of these are used and customised for each individual client programme. The programme starts with three intensive days that give the participants a very sturdy platform to stand on before the individual sessions begin. The scope of the programme means that the final sessions always involve coaching, which focuses on visions and how we create potential.

What we do

We start with an initial conversation, and then we decide how to proceed. Before the programme starts, we define a vision for what we want to achieve. We start with a three-day intensive programme, followed by between 6 and 12 sessions. The sessions can be held as a phone, video or Skype conference call.

Results of the programme

The clients have no problem with stress. • Decisions come naturally, without complications. • They act very calmly. They are intuitive and wise. • They have excellent relations. • They feel that they have doubled their potential. • They feel a very strong bond with themselves and their inner being.

Examples of clients

Management teams • Boards • Athletes • Sports clubs • Self-employed • CEOs • Employee teams • Organisations • Coaches